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BIS (BlackBerry® Internet Service)

This service is widely known for the commercial users of BlackBerry®. There is no dedicated server connected to the BlackBerry® devices. The users use the internet servers of the operators to be connected and the transport of their data. An advantage of a BIS environment is the flexibility of using all different SIM cards available as long as BlackBerry® services is supported. The disadvantage of the BIS environment is the security. It is not possible to guarantee encrypted security without having control of the infrastructure where the BlackBerry® devices are connected to.

BES (BlackBerry® Enterprise Service)

This is the business model of Blackberry®. Big corporations, government organizations use this platform because it allows them to set security protocols on the devices and add additional high standard encryption on the Blackberry’s. The infection of the BES devices with third party spyware/Trojans/viruses is impossible.

The PGP Blackberry® Devices are all connected to dedicated BES servers. This means that the protocols set on the BlackBerry® are designed for full protection. It is by no means possible to intercept or decrypt any data coming from a handset. On top of the secured BES environment PGP has added a dedicated Mobile Encryption gateway (see image below). This solution enables using the security of PKI security for the encrypted communication with BlackBerry devices.

BlackBerryPGP Customers Enjoy:

We never charge for a secure wipe
Contact us at any time and we can issue a full secure wipe of your encrypted BlackBerry. We make sure your private and confidential information stays secure.
No hassle
Other providers may spam you on your encrypted BlackBerry. We don't endorse spam, and won't send you unsolicited mail.
We allow the use of our encrypted BlackBerry devices with all other devices that use the same PGP encryption standard as BlackBerryPGP.

Consolidated billing
With us, you receive a reminder email sent right to your encrypted BlackBerry device 14 days in advance of your plan expiration to ensure you don't lose your valued encryption service.
Custom IT policies
You can decide to upgrade or downgrade your IT policies at any time throughout the duration of your plan. We can also work with you to create a completely custom plan that meets your requirements.

BlackBerry Encryption

BlackBerryPGP is your trusted source for the latest BlackBerry encryption technology. Utilizing the latest in PGP encryption technology, we make sure the private and confidential messages you send on your BlackBerry stay secure. Our BlackBerry encryption service provides secure communications with PGP in a fast and cost-effective manner, for business and personal users. Protect your private communications today.

Why there is a need for BlackBerry encryption

People often think the email they send on their BlackBerry doesn't require encryption because it doesn't contain sensitive information. But "nothing to hide" is not the same thing as "nothing to lose".

Standard email is, in fact, a very insecure means of sending information. Wireless communication on a mobile device, such as a BlackBerry, is that much less secure without an additional layer of security. Messages are not difficult to intercept and aren't encrypted by default. Instead, they're sent as plain, readable text, so any 3rd party is able to read an intercepted email without the sender or recipient knowing. File attachments, such as photos, are also unencrypted when sent from your BlackBerry, and are easy to view if intercepted.

For the same reason mail is sent in envelopes, to prevent anyone from reading the content, email on your BlackBerry should be secured to protect it from prying eyes. Our BlackBerry encryption service, using strong PGP encryption, serves exactly this purpose.

Who uses BlackBerry encryption?

Many individuals and organizations, from private/public companies to government bodies, have recognized the importance of email security and have implemented systems such as PGP. BlackBerry devices offer good support for PGP and are a common mobile device solution for individuals and business seeking an encryption solution.