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BlackBerry® and RIM®

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We are a Security company supplying True PGP Encryption.

Activations can be done within the hour.

We have a number of BlackBerry phones that we can Encrypt on to the PGP network.

Everything is disabled on the phone for extra security once encryption is in place, we can also remove the mic and the camera from the handset on request.

GPS, Camera, microphone has all been disabled on the blackberry®

Our service is unique, we own and run our own server which is off shore, full tech support for all our customers on the PGP network, full secure wipe within seconds if phone is lost or comes in to the wrong hands and custom emails are also available on request.

Our service is open to receive TRAFFIC from all servers, we do not block or whitelist like others do.

This is an open PGP Service

All our devices are BES Enabled

If you are reading on this site then you know the true potential of PGP Encryption


If you're looking for a fast, ready to go, no hassle means of getting an encrypted phone, our Premier and Executive plans are the popular choice. These plans include an encrypted, activated BlackBerry shipped right to your door.  These plans work on a 6 month pre-paid basis.

We can also deliver the blackberry® to you anywhere in the uk

We have a few collection points were the blackberry can be collected from

Any Question Please Email or Contact us On the Form Provided