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Reseller Opportunities


Are you from Australia, Europe, South America, Brazil, Panama, Bahamas, Argentina, Mexico, Hong Kong, Netherlands,Spain, Ukraine, Poland, Switzerland – or any nation you feel has a need for this product?  We’re actively seeking new resellers from around the world and are always interested in opportunities to bring this technology to new markets.

Devices/Handhelds & SIM Cards

As the reseller you have the option to supply the device yourself or we can provide you with devices (we add no margin).  We ship you SIM cards for your order – and will provide you with extra SIM’s (small deposit required). These are then activated as needed.

However, in most cases it is most cost effective for the reseller to provide their own devices as import tax can get very expensive if you are outside of U


Create Your PGP Keys 

You will then create the PGP key(s) used to protect your client’s emails, and upload these keys to our servers. You will have the key creator app on the phone once activation is done. however we feel it is best for your clients to create their own passphrase protected PGP keys on the handset.

BlackBerry Enterprise Activation

Activation is a very straight forward process that only takes less than 30 minutes.

We walk you through the activation process and within a couple hours the PGP BlackBerry is ready for pickup by your client.

The setup process does not require you to have any technical knowledge or expertise. In addition to walking you through the process each time, we supply you detailed documentation for future reference.


·  Reseller and User-Generated on handset PGP Keys to Ensure Optimal Security For Your Clients -- Meaning We Can't Read The Messages Even if We Wanted To!

·  Fully anonymous purchase and payment options

·  Payment Options: Credit Card, PayPal, Wire Transfer, Bank Draft, Western Union Bitcoin & Cash.

·  Unlimited World-Wide PGP E-Mail Roaming

·  6 Month Pre-Paid Packages

·  Customize IT policies

·  Live 24/7 Support



We offer 6 month prepaid PGP Encrypted BlackBerry E-Mail packages that provide unlimited international PGP encrypted e-mail service.

We supply the SIM cards, you have the choice to supply your own device or purchase one from us. All packages include free set-up and reactivation if required


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